You earn friendship points for talking with villagers at celebrations,

You earn friendship points for talking <a href=""></a> with villagers at celebrations,

just like any non-festival day. Three festivals may have special impacts on relationship factors with villagers:

  • The rose party increase friendship 250 factors (one cardiovascular system) along with your party mate, unless the spouse try closed at eight minds ahead of time.
  • The Luau can increase or reduce friendship factors with many villagers (all except Sandy, the Wizard, Krobus, together with Dwarf).
  • Your own surprise towards secret buddy during the banquet for the winter season Star will probably be worth 5x the standard number of friendship details.

Additionally, providing gifts to villagers within Night industry increases relationship together with them, just as because does beyond festivals.

Bulletin Panel Packages

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Finishing all Bulletin panel packages enhances the pro’s relationship rank with non-datable villagers by two minds (500 information). Observe that this is applicable merely to non-datable villagers whom you bring fulfilled in person. Villagers who do maybe not show on the “personal” tab associated with the user menu and villagers whoever labels look as “. ” will likely not receive 500 points.

Keep in mind that you do not have to appreciate Dwarvish when it comes down to Dwarf for 500 points. In comparison, you do have to know Dwarvish for gift ideas to impact friendship making use of the Dwarf.

Universal Merchandise

Below are lists of items which is universally cherished, liked, regarded as basic, disliked, or hated. Observe that there are many conditions and therefore specific villager tastes override any common tastes. Choices for Eggs, whole milk, good fresh fruit, & most Foraged stuff change by villager, and tend to be not right here.

Remember that Dinosaur egg are believed items and never Eggs for gifting reasons.

Universal Really Likes

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This might be a list of items that nearly every villager wants to see as something special. These things were going to provide the more information (80) towards your relationship, but may be hard to receive.

Whenever provided a loved gifts, villagers often reply with a cardio dialogue ripple.

  • Golden Pumpkin
  • Wonders Stone Sweets
  • Pearl
  • Prismatic Shard
  • Rabbit’s Foot

Universal Loves exceptions

  • Haley dislikes Prismatic Shard.
  • Cent hates Rabbit’s-foot.

Common Likes

Though well worth fewer friendship points than a liked present, a preferred present increase relationship by 45 points (merely over one half that of a liked gift) and it is frequently easier to acquire.

  • All Artisan merchandise (excepting Oil in fact it is universally disliked; and emptiness Mayonnaise and that is universally hated.)
  • All preparing (with the exception of Fried Egg and loaves of bread, which have been universally simple; and odd Bun and Seafoam dessert which have been widely hated.)
    • Note that a lot of meals posses villager-specific exceptions.
  • All flora (excluding Poppy, basically widely hated.)
  • All Foraged Minerals (Except Quartz, which differs by villager.)
  • All fruit-tree fruit (Except Banana & Mango, which heed villager-specific preferences for non-Fruit-Tree fruit.)
  • All jewels (Except Prismatic Shard that will be universally loved.)
  • All veggies (such as Fiddlehead Fern, but excluding Hops, tea-leaves and grain that are widely natural, and Unmilled Rice in fact it is widely disliked.)
  • Lives Elixir
  • Maple Syrup

Universal wants conditions

Under is an Expandable table of most Universal Likes conditions, indexed by Villager. (See also: List of All gift suggestions)

Visit the Thesaurus for much more

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